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Men’s “Jeans” April 28, 2010

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I was flipping through D&G summer fashion trends and I couldn’t help but be annoyed with the jeans the male models were wearing. They are literally fitted material with holes!

Great look, but what's with the jeans?

I know the distressed looked for Jeans is considered fashionable, but don’t you think there is a line between distressed and flat out holes?

P.S. Those jeans pictured above, they sell for over $350.00.

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Leather Shorts…. April 27, 2010

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Yes, you read that right-Leather Shorts. Apparently the hottest trend of the summer is going to be leather shorts.

I don’t know how I feel about this so I found this video online. Check it out and let me know, would you wear leather shorts? Would you even want to see other people wearing leather shorts?

These celebrities like them...

Chic Spending out there,



How metro is too metro? April 12, 2010

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According to Urban the word “metro” means: “A metro or metrosexual is a male that cares about his appearance and hygiene but is a heterosexual.”

So guys, where do you draw the line?

I have male friends who think wearing fitted jeans and a button down shirt is too metro and friends who think a button down shirt, fitted jeans and maybe even a cardigan is normal.

Ladies, do you mind straight guys who dress metro?

Are these celebs too metro?

Chic Spending out there,



White-Out? April 10, 2010

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There is an old fashion rule that one should never wear white before Memorial Day and that it should only be worn until Labor Day.

Today I saw a few women wearing white pants. At first I didn’t think anything of it and then someone said to me: “Why is she wearing white? Memorial Day is still a month away!”

So my followers, what are your thoughts? Is it okay to wear white before Memorial Day?

These women look good. Would you wear their outfits today?

White pants are in stores. Check out Kohl’s: White Pants

Chic Spending out there,



Dress Nicer, Feel Better April 6, 2010

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Sweatpants-when do you wear them?

I go to a very casual school and would describe the dress code as casual to sloppy. Sweatshirts, sweatpants, athletic shorts, and maybe even pajama pants (please don’t wear pajama pants out in public) are the typical attire. But is it appropriate?

I’d have to say no. I understand that no one wants to wake up an hour early to make yourself look decent for an 8 am class, but giving yourself just ten extra minutes in the morning can make a difference. The professors don’t come to class in sweatpants, why should you?

If this man came to teach class in sweatpants, would you take him seriously?

I’m not saying I have never worn sweatpants to class, there are days where squeezing in to a pair of jeans just isn’t going to work, but for those of you who wear sweatpants more than once a week-I challenge you. Wake up ten minutes earlier and put on jeans and a nice top and see what happens. I’m not asking you to wear a suit and tie or a dress, just a pair of jeans and shirt you wouldn’t wear to bed. I bet you will feel better and more alert in your classes!

Think I’m crazy? Tell me why.

Chic Spending out there,



Belts are in April 3, 2010

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Beyond belts being useful to hold up your pants (men!) they are very trendy right now! Women-a belt can make an outfit. Check out these pictures of women wearing belts. Notice how they accentuate the mid-section making their tummy’s look smaller and  their curves appealing. If Oprah can do you this, I promise any of you can!

Dressy or Casual-these women did it right!

While this may be a reach outside of some of your fashion comfort zones, try one out for cheap and see what you think. Charloette Russe offers a great collection for under $10.00

Chic Spending out there,



Pull up ’em pants! March 31, 2010

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Now that we’ve had a few examples of what some women do wrong, let’s turn to the men. I know most of you readers out there are in college, and maybe this is something you saw more in High School but it still exist—men with their pants falling off. Why do they insist to let their cargo shorts and jeans fall to the grown?

Ladies-do you find this look attractive?

Guys: Buy a belt!|53019

This is such a problem that a New York Senator: Eric Adams has started a campaign called “Stop the Sag.” Check out what he has to say: