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Carly’s Spring Style/ Fashion Trends 2010 May 3, 2010

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I found this video on Youtube. I like it because she hits  some great trends by using a handful of different pieces and creates multiple outfits. While she may be a little annoying walking back and forth and posing hundreds of times, focus on the clothes! Which outfit does she wear that you like the most?

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High-Waisted Shorts May 1, 2010

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High-waisted shorts are in this season. Wear them with a tank, fitted tee, or blouse. They can be found in all kinds of styles but are popular with buttons either on the pockets or up the center like pictured below. Wear them with a pair of heels and your legs will look long and lean!

Find them at: H&M, Forever 21, and Charlotte Russe.

How do you feel about the high-waisted shorts? Is it a little too Steve Urkel for you?

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It’s Bathing Suit Time! April 29, 2010

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I hate bathing suits. It reminds me of skin and parts of my body which I just don’t care to show. I love the concept of summer, pools, beaches, and tans however and therefore face the humiliation of finding a bathing suit which I feel “comfortable” in.  My body is completely disproportional and therefore my options of where to find a bathing suit are limited because I need a different size top than bottom and not all stores allow you to mix and match.

Luckily there is Target. I have bought a bathing suit from Target for as long as I can remember. The bathing suits offered range from cute to sexy, tiny to large, and come in many different colorful and/or patterned options. The best part is that they are affordable! Prices range from $14.00 to $18.00 per piece (top and bottom) and the majority of the time you can find them on clearance!

So get to a local Target before they run out or order online here: Target Bathing Suits

Hurry before they are gone!

Chic Spending out there,



Cardigans April 26, 2010

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It’s raining today and therefore the weather is a little cooler. It’s days like this where it can be difficult figuring out what to wear. It’s too cool for a cute tee and too warm for a sweater but there is a solution: cardigans!

Cardigans are great because they come in a variety of styles. They can be light weight, short at the bottom or long enough to go past your rear. They can be any color, have polka dots, cute pockets, big buttons, little buttons, sequins, jewels, beads…the list goes on and on! The best part is that if you have a few solid colored cardigans, they can be matched with almost anything. A cardigan can keep you warm over a spaghetti strapped sun dress or over a long-sleeved shirt-the options are endless!

And they are not just for the ladies-men wear cardigans all the time! In fact, if you Google cardigan and look at the images, more men’s pictures show up then women’s.

Any men out there wear cardigans? If so, when do you wear them?

Women- How do you wear your cardigans? Casual or dressy? Where do you get them?

Here are some stores which sale cardigans at great prices for women: Old Navy, H&M (you can’t shop online, but you can at least find a location near you) Forever 21, and New York & Company.

Men, check  out: Gap.

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ROMper Oooo la la-a April 25, 2010

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This is a shout out post to my sister who has been nagging me to inform the world about the latest and greatest outfit for women, the romper. My response to her, “What the heck is a romper?”

These are rompers!

As you can see a romper is a connection of shorts and a shirt and celebrities adore them! It sounds weird and it may take some time to get use to but they are definitely in style this season! They can be worn dressy or casual and come in all different styles, colors, and patterns. Plus many have pockets which make any outfit wonderful. : )

Anyone wear rompers? If not, would you be willing to wear rompers now? Or do you find them weird?

Check out these stores for good deals on rompers: Kohls, Target, Forever 21.

Chic Spending out there,



Neon Animal Print-Wear it! April 22, 2010

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I was flipping through Cosmo the other day and a short blurb about some of the new trends for Spring immediately caught my attention. The one that stood out most was “neon animal print.”  This sounds silly and unnatural-it reminds me of my Lisa Frank folders, pencils, and notebooks from elementary school and while Lisa Frank items totally have the idea, they may be just a little too bright to make anyone look good.

Bring back memories to anyone?

Instead, think of animal prints like zebra and cheetah in a palette of bright colors but not too many that it hurts the eyes.  And definitely don’t over do it.  Pick one accessory or item of clothing and make it pop by adding it with a solid neutral color.  I personally have only seen one person on campus rocking this trend with a neon cheetah tote, but what do you think? Will you invest in a neon animal print item?

OC star, Rachel Bilson, stands out in the crowd wearing this dress!These shoes could start a conversation....

This bag is great for beginners.

Chic Spending out there,

Rosettes April 21, 2010

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Fabric Rosettes are becoming the hottest trend on dresses, purses, shoes, shirts, and hair accessories. A rosette, as pictured below, is a flower or rose made out of material. They can vary in shape and sizes and can be made out of almost any kind of material. It’s a great way to add a girly touch to any type of outfit. Some of my favorite rosette items which I own include a formal pink dress with three small rosettes in the upper front waist and a headband with three silver rosettes on the side.

This shirt could be casual or dressy.

Cute little rosette handbag to add color to any outfit.

Very similar to my own headband-great way to add a rosette to any outfit!

Fun spring dress with rosettes.

I know these are D&G, but it's a great example of a rosette on a shoe!

To try the rosette trend start at one of these stores to find decent prices: Charlotte Russe and Forever 21.

And for something a little more fancy try: Macys

If you own rosettes already, where did you get them and where do you wear them to?

Chic Spending out there,