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Scarves should be worn all year round! April 19, 2010

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I know what you are thinking…really? Isn’t a scarf made to keep you warm in blizzards and from bitter cold weather? Well, yes they are, BUT they also make a great accessory any time of the year! There is indeed such a thing as a summer scarf and they are wonderful! They can be worn casual or dressy and come is all kinds of patterns and colors. When out shopping look in the accessory area for light weight scarves usually made out of a material called viscose.

Some great places to look for scarves include: H&M, Forever 21, New York & Company, Gap, and Old Navy. Some places will charge around $30 for a scarf but others only charge around $8 so keep your eyes peeled for sales!

Look how the scarves on these celebs add something extra to their tanks and tees!

And men, scarves are out there for you too!

Men look good in scarves too!

Chic Spending out there,



5 Responses to “Scarves should be worn all year round!”

  1. Carv Says:

    I love Mike’s comment! I think that guys wearing the summer scarf look is questionable. It takes a special style to pull it off and be a straight man. But a guy in a scarf in winter is very classy and cute.

  2. Are there any men out there who wear scarves? You are being out numbered!

  3. Linds Says:

    I love scarves-winter scarves, summer scarves & everything in between. I wore one today!

    I might have to agree with Mike about the men in scarves though…unless you’re in Europe, it’s winter, or totally your style I think the guys should leave the scarves for the ladies.

  4. Staci Marie Says:

    I agree with Mike. Men should only wear scarves for warmth – not fashion. Not a big fan of the metro-sexual look for men.

  5. Mike Says:

    If you’re a guy and you wear a scarf anytime of the year except winter….you are automatically gay.

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