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White-Out? April 10, 2010

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There is an old fashion rule that one should never wear white before Memorial Day and that it should only be worn until Labor Day.

Today I saw a few women wearing white pants. At first I didn’t think anything of it and then someone said to me: “Why is she wearing white? Memorial Day is still a month away!”

So my followers, what are your thoughts? Is it okay to wear white before Memorial Day?

These women look good. Would you wear their outfits today?

White pants are in stores. Check out Kohl’s: White Pants

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4 Responses to “White-Out?”

  1. Linds Says:

    I think it depends on what the piece of clothing is and where you are. Wearing a white skirt in Ohio in the winter, not okay. In California, probably okay. It’s all about the circumstances.

  2. Carv Says:

    I was curious about the history of this fashion rule, and this is what I found online.

    Originally, the rule was more along the lines of “Only wear white shoes between Memorial Day and Labor Day.” Furthermore, it mainly applied to whit pumps or dress shoes. White tennis shoes and off-white boots seem exempt, as are any shoes worn by a winter bride. “Winter white” clothing (e.g., cream-colored wool) is acceptable between Labor Day and Memorial Day too.

    The only logical reasoning we could find cited temperature. Image consultant Nancy Penn suggests that because white reflects light and heat, wearing white would make you cooler in winter, and thus should be avoided. But others suggest the rule stems from a class issue. Acting Director of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology Valerie Steele notes that in the late 19th century and the 1950s, more people were entering the middle classes. These nouveau-riche folks were often unaware of the standards of high society, so they were given specific codified rules to follow in order to fit in.

    So if the rule is for either of these reasons, I think it’s the 21st century and we can wear what we want, when we want!

  3. Mal Says:

    I always thought the rule was that you could wear white from EASTER until Labor Day. So yeah, I might wear a white skirt or white shoes before Memorial Day if the opportunity presents itself.

  4. Emily M Says:

    I once had a teacher who wore white to school at the “wrong” time of year and some students called her out on it. She replied by saying that she was wearing “winter” white not “summer” white so it was okay. I don’t know what that means, but I’m thinking that it’s perfectly fine to just wear white any time of year. I love wearing white, although it doesn’t happen very often.

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