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What you wear matters. March 24, 2010

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Clothing has been a part of our society for as long as we know. It protects us from weather, covers the body parts we don’t care to share with others, and provides comfort.

But beyond the necessities it provides, does it matter? Do you think what a person wears is important?

I think that what you wear matters. While we may not want to believe that people are constantly judging us, they are. I will give people the benefit of the doubt that they are not judging by the brand a person wears. Naturally however, we judge someone by their clothing because clothing is an extension of a person’s personality. Just like a person reads another by their body language or the way they talk, a person can determine or judge information about you by the way you present yourself in clothing.

Do you think this is fair?


2 Responses to “What you wear matters.”

  1. Mike Says:

    No its not fair, but thats the way the world is. We all make snap judgements about eachother and some are based on the clothing we wear. Its just human nature.

  2. Less Jess Says:

    I am split on this topic. I have always been all about what you wear is very important because I love to shop and be fashionable myself. Even in my plus size state I always aimed to be a fashionable plus size girl.

    Now, the economy has thrown a wrench in my plan. I am laid off after 15 years and have to give up my shopping habit. But that doesn’t mean I won’t look presentable.

    But for my latest thought, I just watched a video in class the other day on where stuff comes from. The lady on the video was wearing very ugly out of date clothes. But her point, she used less stuff by shopping less and wearing the same ole’ thing so she didn’t have an impact on the environment. so maybe shopping less is environmentally friendly and out of date clothes will become fashionable.

    Those are my fashion ramblings for the evening.

    Less Jess

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